2019-07-10 I need ideas for captains

I’m running the Razor Coast (Swords & Wizardry edition) using my own Halberds & Helmets rules.

⚠ ⚠ ⚠ Spoilers! ⚠ ⚠ ⚠

The book has various sections but generally speaking, there are two main plots, more or less.

  1. the coming of Dajobas, god of sharks, and the were-shark infestation
  2. the coming of Harthagoa, god of mad tentacles, and the sahuagin

My players have practically finished the first plot. Now I should be running the second part. They know about Harthagoa, they know how to recognize a member of the ring, they know the prime suspects... and now I’m stuck. Uninspired.

I drew up a list of captains, both known ones and new ones.

And… nothing. I’m drawing a blank.

How frustrating! I need to get into the groove and I’m hoping that posting about it here and writing some pages on the campaign wiki is going to get me started again.

We are 44 sessions into this campaign and I’m fearing stagnation! But I don’t want to!

I’ve pulled out The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport but it is a long text to read and I don’t enjoy reading most RPG books.

Sometimes I am at a loss when thinking about where to take the campaign next and then I pick one of the books from my shelf, looking for inspiration and I’m struck by how useless the books I have are for the problems I have. People and shops and gangs and councils don’t make an adventure. If only I knew what makes text magical adventure inspirational material. Perhaps it’s me, not the text? Do I have to be in the right mood and surrounded by the right things for this to work? 😭

I think in this case the problem is that this isn’t even pirate material. There are pirates in the area, but basically I’m concerned with the captains in the city.




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