2019-08-01 Colonialism

I just read Cowboys and Conquistadors: Looking for New Models of the Adventurer which looks at the colonialism roots of D&D. I see it as the extension of the frontier idea, of the traditional interpretation of Law vs. Chaos with humans and their cities are lawful and orcs and their caves or chaotic – and war is the answer.

I don’t think that’s how Moorcock does Law vs. Chaos in the Elric of Meniboné books. There, humans are everywhere and Chaos isn’t orcs and the wilderness but Elves (Melniboneans) and dragons and corruption. It depends on the culture and it’s up to individuals to participate – or not.

The author based much of the blog post on a series by Boris Stremlin, The Sociology of the Murderhobo, from 2016–2017.

All four of these blog posts are highly recommended!

Relevant, I guess: 2019-01-15 Orcs, 2019-07-01 Orcs.



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