2019-08-20 Perlanet vs. Planet Venus

My Planets run on Planet Venus. It’s written in Python 2. Apparently it won’t disappear entirely, but I don’t have any other programs written in Python 2 so keeping that knowledge alive imposes a tiny burden on me.

I noticed that pl6anet.org (which is for Perl 6) runs Perlanet which is Perl 5 (oh the irony!) – but at least I use a lot of Perl 5.

When I tried to invest some time into making the switch, I noticed a few things:

  1. CSS works – no problem
  2. Template uses Template Toolkit – I can get used to it
  3. My template contains UTF8 and that doesn’t get rendered correctly – apparently there’s a way to change that but I don’t have access to it from Perlanet?
  4. It’s easy to loop over the entries, but not over the feeds – and if I loop over the config file where the feeds are listed, then the feed titles all need to be added manually?
  5. I want to serve extracts, not full articles. Is there a way to do this? How do I provide a plugin for Perlanet?

For the moment I’m not happy. This needs more thought. I think I would need to write my own Perlanet application.

  1. I used numbered entities instead of UTF-8 encoded files even though this makes me sad
  2. I was able to build the member list based on the data from the config file and was pleasantly surprised to find that the title had been filled in
  3. Strangely enough the OPML file isn’t being created
  4. I was able to build the day separators
  5. I still don’t know how to do extracts and how to parse special fields like Dublin Core contributes and the like. I guess that just won’t work.

I’m staying with Planet Venus for now!



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