2019-08-23 Albums

A few years ago I sold two minidisc devices and about 200 empty discs. I was astonished how eager some people were to buy the empty discs (the devices not so much) and recently I was remembering how people would take one tape, one CD or one minidisc and listen to the same album over and over again. Something that seems so strange these days. I feel strange for having just a few albums on my phone instead of streaming. I prefer podcasts to music these days.

And now I’m listening to an Elvis Presley collection with about 150 albums and singles and I wonder how to best listen to the singles: play the “album” of two songs on repeat? To think that this is how people used to listen to music. The same two songs, over and over. I’ve played this single twice and already my wife is telling me that we just heard the same tracks!

And what happened to mixtapes? You can still make them with files – except people are afraid of copyright and so we can’t do it for many people, but we can do it for friends. But nobody does. Somehow the physical artifact is important. And back when I was young and recorded tapes for my now wife music was – rare? I didn’t have all The Doors CDs but a neighbor did…

These days you can’t even share a playlist unless you both have the same streaming service. Blearg!



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