2019-08-24 Workman for the Atreus keyboard, again

I’m giving this another try and want to leave some notes to my future self so I don’t break it again.

To upload the firmware, I need to use the Apple laptop. The Purism laptop somehow doesn’t do this correctly is what my old notes say. So I mailed myself the blob.

To build the blob, use make atreus:workman PCBDOWN=yes in the qmk_firmware working directory. The PCBDOWN option is required because I have the old layout.

To but the keyboard in reset mode when everything is borked, open it up and connect two pins right of the middle: number 6 with the lone number 7. The result is a slow pulsing yellow LED that lights up.

Atreus inside: A-STAR

To check whether it’s working, check for new devices in a loop. Here’s a simple example:

ls /dev > /tmp/off
for n in $(seq 3600); do ls /dev > /tmp/on; diff /tmp/off /tmp/on; sleep 1; done

On my system, I’m looking for cu.usbmodem411.

When it appears, I have 8s to run the following command:

avrdude -p atmega32u4 -c avr109 -U flash:w:atreus_workman.hex -P /dev/cu.usbmodem411

Sadly, it doesn’t quite work as expected: the modifiers were borked:

  1. the key I assigned KC_LGUI acts as Control key
  2. the key I assigned KC_LCTR acts as Meta key
  3. the key I assigned KC_LALT acts as GUI key

The solution was to quickly flash an extra hex file, then re-flash my own. Here’s the explanation by user drashna:

The reason that this has happened is that a new block is being used for the EEPROM. Unfortunately, because it’s a block that wasn’t used previously, it has not been zeroed out properly, so it has a random value. This means that the Ctrl-GUI swap may be enabled, because the bit used for it was on, randomly.

Alright! With this done, I think my workman branch is based on the current upstream master and it works.

If your Control and Meta keys are still swapped, then you have an old A-STAR board like I do and the PCBDOWN=true option doesn’t quite work as intended. There’s a patch by @technomancy out that I submitted. It will get fixed. Anyway. If you feel strongly about it, use the workman_fix branch which simply swaps the two keys. 😆

In any case, keymap layout files are available.



All the patches have been merged! Yay. 🙂

– Alex Schroeder 2019-09-02 21:10 UTC

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