2019-08-29 Warp Spellcaster

I wrote up the spells for another spellcaster in my Spellcasters project. As you know I use the strict interpretation of the magic system: the spells per day are also the spells you have in your repertoire. Magic users and elves cannot learn more than these spells. Exchanging one spell for another takes weeks of research and retraining and usually only happens as characters gain a level.

Furthermore, new spells cannot be learned from scrolls or spellbooks: you need a teacher to learn new spells. Thus, every high level magic user and elf in the setting is automatically a sort of one person school of magic. Therefore, I always need a bunch of high-level magic users and elves to run my games. These are the patrons for my player elves and magic users. Here are the new spells they can learn, and hopefully that also creates some adventure seeds at the same time.

Anyway, this magic user is all about mutations, growing stuff, cloning himself, stuff like that. A bit of a vivimancer, a bit of an evil cleric, a bit of what little I know about Warhammer: Korokoro.

When I picked his name, I did not know about the Koro phenomenon. Now I keep wondering: is this a missed opportunity, or should I simply rename the poor guy?



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