2019-09-23 Back to Work

My summer break is coming to an end. I don’t work much: I have a 60% job so I don’t work on Fridays and I have a 17½ week summer break, more or less. This works out fine because we have no kids, no cars, and we live in a small apartment at the edge of town.

During these summer breaks I go on trips with my wife — but she only has four weeks of holidays per year, and I do household chores, and then I sit around doing nothing productive: I write software for my games, I write text for my games, I draw pictures for my software for my games, I create a podcast about my games, I make some music for the podcast for my games... and yet, I find that summer is gone and I didn’t practice playing the recorder, not once, and I only managed to practice my Japanese once, on a plane as I didn’t feel like reading (Kanji Teacher), didn’t play on my consoles, not once, I didn’t read any of the big books I still want to read, and there is so much left to do I could cry.

People sometimes wonder what I do all summer and they tell me they’d be bored but I think creativity is like a plant: it adapts to the time you give it which allows all of us to be happy no matter how much or how little time we spend on it. If you work a lot, your tree is small and if you get a break it can be hard. You have a two week crisis but then the tree is growing every day and soon you will have found projects, your heart will have found a way: local politics, local charities, music, drawing, writing, reading, programming, knitting, doing stuff and making things. It comes naturally to us humans, I think.

It is a bit weird when my wife comes home from work and her mind is full of police thoughts and politics, and I try to tell her that my Face Generator now generates dragons...

Remember the final scene of the movie Fargo?

Final scene from Fargo

She comes back from days of bloody murder and he is sad that his mallard only got selected for the 3 cent stamp and not for the 29 cent stamp. 😂



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