2019-10-13 ActivityPub and Oddmuse?

I wonder whether I should write an extension to a basic ActivityPub server for Oddmuse. What would it do? Allow people to comment? And it would also allow people to delete their comments? And offer a moderating interface so that any users could remove any comment from the wiki? After all, we want peer review.

We also want to edit each other’s wiki pages. How would you edit a wiki page that is based on ActivityPub posts and comments. What would it mean for the original posts and comments? Say you left a comment and I fix a typo in your comment, but then you delete your comment. Does my edit disappear? What if my contribution was more than just a typo fix. Does it still disappear?

Would it be possible to create new posts using a post shared with the wiki? What would we get: a wiki that is also an archive of a conversation? As long as you mention the wiki, new stories and comments on the story get posted.

Thinking about this makes by head hurt.

For now it seems to me that a trivial implementation makes no sense. These are our options:

  1. Just post edits to the fediverse. You can already do this by plugging a RSS feed into a bot. Example: @kensanata@bots.tinysubversions.com. This has been done.
  2. Allow wiki editing and posting with weird restrictions as described above. I think this is concept needs a lot more though.
  3. Use a new ActivityPub vocabulary that allows us to talk about page edits. This would work, but it would also require clients that can offer the right UI. It would need servers that offer a new API. It would be very, very similar to simply replicating the database in the back via git, actually. The benefit is unclear to me.



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