2019-10-18 Blogging Frequency

I just realised that this blog was listed on The 2019 Great Blog Roll Call! Wohooo! 😍

I like the mini-review:

Alex has a natural talent for beginning a conversation that will leave his readers examining their own thoughts on the matters he explores.

Too bad Google+ disappeared. Oh well!

As for updates, I was curious myself. I counted the RPG pages for 2017 up to the end of September 2019 (excluding comment pages, images, and so on). That gave me 261 pages in 33 months (two years and nine months). In other words, there are about eight RPG post per month. I’m surprised myself. Wow.

This is me bragging! 😁



I agree that you need an easier-to-access archive, Alex! (A link to this post on the site-map maybe?)

Also, thanks for posting a link to that list. It’s so thorough! And I’m flattered by what Charles A had to say about me.

Anne 2019-10-19 08:09 UTC

I don’t think there’s anything that will do, actually. The blog posts go back so far! I would need some sort of curation, a “best of” list... I don’t know.

If I search for all blog posts (pages starting with a date) tagged “RPG”, I’m getting nearly 1200 posts, starting back in 2006. 😲

– Alex Schroeder 2019-10-19 10:20 UTC

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