2019-10-18 Deep Carbon Observatory Day 3

Previously: Day 1 & Day 2.

I was playing Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the soundtrack of Arrival.

For prep, I noted the stats of a turbine golem, named the village with the witch, noted the witch stats, and decided on the gold value of the ship, and the spells of the unburnt scrolls, should the party get to the place this session.

When we encountered the turbine golem destroying the village in order to build its little dam, the party immediately decided to try and communicate with the golem. They left cut wood in its path and I decided that it would work. It preferred the wood to tearing down houses. It also didn’t want to talk or otherwise communicate.

The players then brought heavy stones to the dam and tried to lure it to a hillside where they had been digging them up. They argued that the golem would surely know how to break stones. I agreed and so it worked. No fight necessary.

Then the dwarf player figured that maybe the golem needed repair from the inside and decide to jump into the opening... What was I to do? Instant death, no save? The golem won initiative and whacked the dwarf for 3d8, but the player persisted. I described like him being sucked into a black hole, the feet and legs stretching, growing thinner and thinner, disappearing. At last the other players reacted and decided to throw a rope and pull them fool out of the golem’s maw. I allowed this to succeed, no roll necessary. I did rule that the dwarf’s legs were still long and thin, liquefied. They were stumped. I had the magic-user NPC mage suggest that should bury the lower half of another dwarf in the loam, extract the other dwarf and then they’d have a sort of cast into which to fill the half liquefied fool. In a few hours it would solidify again. They all thought it was a splendid idea and the player just role-played their dwarf as being raw and tender and it was good.

What would you have done?

In all these discussion I forgot about the witch. Oh well.

When we came to the boat, I told them they estimated it was worth about 50,000 Gold, and thus 50,000 XP if brought somewhere. Too much? Not enough? I don’t know. I also fear that the logistics of getting the treasure back to Port Shaw is not going to be very entertaining. I’ll have to think of bandit and pirate attacks if the players aren’t careful. For the moment they left five henchmen there as guards and that makes sense.

Should the Crows attack the five henchmen with a bunch of zombies? I think so... That reminds: I once again forgot all about the Crows as I was running the game. It’s simply tricky to think of things that aren’t written all over the place.

Turbine golem



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