2019-11-29 Patriarchy and cooking and social media

I get the feeling that baking bread is more brag-worthy on social media than cooking because patriarchy allows men to bake but not to cook and that makes me sad, but also because we are taking back something that we gave away to specialization and slowly we are are discovering that being single task monkeys is not making us happy. We prefer interesting over efficient!

I think that men saying that they cook, like I do, or saying they love to cook, like I do, does not disprove the influence of patriarchy. Patriarchy makes it OK for us to be too lazy to cook today. It makes it ok to only do what we like and it implies certain manly things to do: barbecue or roasts or bake bread, and to feel special about that. That is what we post about on social media.

This is not about chefs. The best paid cooks being men is not unrelated, however.




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