2019-12-19 Oddmuse 6 memory use

Process RSS summed

I have a Munin module that runs ps -eo rss,command | grep $prog for various regular expressions.

Well, actually I sum it all up so I run this:

ps -eo rss,command | gawk '
BEGIN              { total = "U"; } # U = Unknown.
/grep/             { next; }
'"/perl6/"'        { total = total + $1; }
END                { print total; }'

For Oddmuse 6 running on Cro and Perl 6 the result is 385120, i.e. 385 MB. That doesn’t quite match the data in the image (about 350MB) but it’s close enough. Compare that to the regular Oddmuse instances running on Perl 5 with Mojolicious...

Am I comparing apples to oranges? Let’s see the ps output for this stuff and compare it to the output of a regular Oddmuse wiki:

alex@sibirocobombus:~$ ps -eo rss,command | grep perl6
  892 grep perl6
358120 /home/alex/rakudo/bin/moar --execname=/home/alex/rakudo/bin/perl6 --libpath=/home/alex/rakudo/share/nqp/lib --libpath=/home/alex/rakudo/share/nqp/lib --libpath=/home/alex/rakudo/share/perl6/lib --libpath=/home/alex/rakudo/share/perl6/runtime /home/alex/rakudo/share/perl6/runtime/perl6.moarvm service.p6
alex@sibirocobombus:~$ ps -eo rss,command | grep campaignwiki
 5104 /home/alex/campaignwiki.org/gridmapper-server.pl
  892 grep campaignwiki
32924 /home/alex/farm/campaignwiki2.pl
 7784 /home/alex/farm/campaignwiki2.pl
32460 /home/alex/farm/campaignwiki2.pl
17712 /home/alex/campaignwiki.org/gridmapper-server.pl
alex@sibirocobombus:~$ ps -eo rss,command | gawk '
BEGIN              { total = "U"; } # U = Unknown.
/grep/             { next; }
'"/campaignwiki2/"'        { total = total + $1; }
END                { print total; }'

So, 358120 for Oddmuse 6 looks correct, and the 73168 for Campaign Wiki looks correct. Both act as web servers behind Apache, both run a wiki.



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