2019-12-26 Sex and The Expanse

I’m somewhere in the middle of season two of The Expanse and it continues to be very American: a lot of shooting but no nipples. This value system continues to amaze me because here in Switzerland practically everybody I know has had sex and nobody has experienced gun violence.

I don’t want to argue that I need to see more sex on the screen, I’m just amazed whenever I see how the material actively tries to avoid it – while showing gun violence, brutality, torture (cruel punishments, forced confessions and the like). That’s the part I don’t get. Maybe I’m a snowflake. Or perhaps the others are psychopaths without empathy, who knows. Anyway, in a way that too is discourse and that too shifts what is publicly acceptable.

I’m not sure where the exact lines are drawn. Is it the rating system? What European nations use the same rating system as the US?

I liked the earlier episodes better because I like space stations and ships and grime and all that. And I still like it! Really, the only thing that I keep returning to every now and then is how it feels like a very US product with all the torture and violence. Ugh. As so often is the case, we can do unspeakable things to the human body, as long as it is clothed. 🤢

Oh, and when I tried to buy the first season on Amazon they wouldn’t let me because I’m in Switzerland and they are in Germany.



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