2020-02-03 Webmention

@tomasino writes about Webmention on his Gopher site, Webmentions and Microsub. He mentioned being interested in the IndieWeb on his blog at about the same time. That reminded me of the Oddmuse Webmention extension I wrote. It’s installed on this site. I think I got mentioned exactly once since January 2019.

Back then, I first implemented Pingback before realizing that it had been replaced by Webmention.

The most useful extension is the Automatic Link Back extension for Oddmuse. It does just that, if a visitor is coming from somewhere on the Internet via a direct link. This is called “Refback” on the Linkback Wikipedia page comparing the various methods.

Oh well. We can try!



Webmentions the hard way: from the command line!

~/src/oddmuse/scripts $ perl webmention.pl https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2020-02-03_Webmention https://labs.tomasino.org/indieweb/
Getting https://labs.tomasino.org/indieweb/
Parsing https://labs.tomasino.org/indieweb/
Webmention URL is https://webmention.io/tomasino.org/webmention
201 Created

– Alex Schroeder 2020-02-03 19:37 UTC

Jeremy Friesen remembered this post a few months later...

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