2020-03-17 iPhone Picture Import Pains

My fault, my fault, I know. I still trust Apple more than Google, though. But some of these bugs really make me doubt Apple engineers use their own software. I have an iPhone 11 and an old MacBook Pro running the latest macOS. I don’t want to use Photos to store my pictures, just regular folders. So what I do is start the Preview app, select images, click the Import button, pick a folder on the external disk and import them. Then I click the delete button to delete the images on the phone.

Sounds simple, right?

But I get errors when doing it. My working hypothesis is that this only works for images, not movies. I can select them, but somewhere along the way, they cause errors. So now I’m importing 1400 pictures in small chunks, skipping movies.

Ugh. 😟

Oh, and then I notice that if you just sit by the laptop and click OK every once in a while, some of the videos actually get imported. But here’s why I think the Apple engineers don’t use their own software: the error message then only lists the first four that didn’t work:

An error occurred while importing. 18 items were not imported: 

Thank you so much.

The current workaround is to import them into Photos (that works), export them from there (as originals), and then delete them im Photos again. Sounds like a deal.

OK, so I have 2731 pictures and 144 movies to look at...



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