2020-03-25 GoodReader EULA, again

Back in 2019, was unhappy with the GoodReader EULA. Apparently it is time to be unhappy again. I wrote another email.

To: support@goodreader.com
Subject: Unhappy with the new EULA

Hello Team GoodReader

I’m writing to you because I was shown the new EULA when I tried to start GoodReader today. I started skimming it and was disappointed to read section 2:

​2. Consent to Use of Data: You agree that Licensor may collect and use some information about you, your device, the Licensed Application’s state, and/or Licensed Application usage stats, analytics and telemetry. Some of the information may be collected with the help of 3rd-party analytics software including but not limited to Google Firebase and Google Analytics. More detailed information about the type of information we collect can be found in the Licensor’s Privacy Policy located on the Licensor’s website: http://goodreader.com.

I don’t want to agree to this. I don’t think a PDF reader needs this information; I dislike the thought of any 3rd-party getting this information; I very much dislike the thought of Google in particular getting this information.

I want to opt out of this. What are my options?

I remember sending you a similar email back in February 2019. Back then you wrote:

We assure you that the only way we gather data is through voluntary submissions from GoodReader users via e-mail, which the user can choose not to send if they prefer not to. The EULA ensures we have your permission to use the data that you choose to send to us.

The GoodReader app does not, and cannot, automatically gather any information about you, your data, or the way you use GoodReader.

Back then, you also wrote about user privacy:

Additionally, please read the full About GoodReader description here: https://www.goodreader.com/index.html

As stated: “Above all, we value your privacy: GoodReader’s commitment is to never monitor users or activity. We aim to be the most privacy focused iOS productivity tool in the market. We never ask for your personal information and there are no usernames or profiles. Use the tool at your leisure with ZERO monitoring.”

I would love to hear that all of this is still true. I hope that the problem is simply a legal team that is tone deaf when it comes to privacy concerns in a day and age of Ed Snowden and universal spying and surveillance capitalism. A good PDF reader doesn’t have to be like that.

Finally, last time you wrote:

It seems that the wording has caused some confusion and anxiety for many users. We are going to add more clarification to the EULA in the next update.

I’m still hoping that you do.

Regards from Switzerland
Alex Schroeder



I am disappointed to realize that they are not going to reply. Angry, really. Time to uninstall the app.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-14 06:11 UTC

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