2020-04-08 The Regiment

A post on Reddit asking for good role-playing games about the Second World War reminded me of The Regiment (Blog, Download).

Check this out: Operation Market Garden (Session 1). I was stunned by the write-ups for this short campaign of The Regiment run and written by Paul Riddle. Reading it, knowing that it’s the product of a role-playing game, seeing the short game master commentary interleaved with the events, seeing the rolls and what it meant in the game, remembering those classic movies like A Bridge Too Far, those classic shooters like Medal of Honor: Frontline – this seemed just right. This must be the game I’m looking for.

The thing to understand, however, is that The Regiment used to be an Apocalypse World hack for World War II but the latest revision of the rules has changed the setting to a far future inspired by Aliens called Colonial Marines. I’d say the old rules are still a great match.

Anyway. Players belong to an Assault Unit (400 people) divided into various platoons and two infantry companies (120 people). Companies are made of more platoons (40 people), platoons are made of squads (13 people), squads are made of firing teams (4 people) and the players will probably be playing a firing team. If characters die, you just play the next person. Paul’s third session report includes a character death and a short discussion thereof.

Also, look at those maps. Awesome!



I remember seeing The Regiment on John’s site, but thinking it was too complex. Hm. Time to take another look. Thank you for reminding me!

Norbert Matausch 2020-04-08 19:37 UTC

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