2020-04 Book Club

”Madame” by Antoni Libera

When: 22 April, 19:30 – RSVP on Meetup to get Zoom call details 😉

Where: Online meeting via Zoom, details see Meetup

Madame is an unexpected gem: a novel about Poland during the grim years of Soviet-controlled mediocrity, which nonetheless sparkles with light and warmth. (...) Our young narrator-hero is suffering through the regulated boredom of high school when he is transfixed by a new teacher - an elegant “older woman” (she is thirty-two) who bewitches him with her glacial beauty and her strict intelligence. He resolves to learn everything he can about her and to win her heart. In a sequence of marvelously funny but sobering maneuvers, he learns much more than he expected to – about politics, Poland, the Spanish Civil War, and his own passion for theater and art – all while his loved one continues to elude him.”

Pitch text from: goodreads.com

Pitch by: Bozena

First Suggested: August 2019

Supporter(s): Bozena, Nela, Uli, Nico, Katie, Martin, Janine


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