2020-05-25 The Mediocre Programmer

This book is about helping you along on the journey of being a mediocre programmer. Together we’ll uncover some of common misconceptions we have about programming, failure, and growth and come to understand that the act of programming and development is something we undertake each day and improve in small ways. It’s these small changes that over time transform us from being mediocre programmers into better programmers.” – @craigmaloney

What I like about the book is already visible in the title: a humility in its approach to programming, one of the professions in this world that is rife with rock star press and blogs. We grew up with stories of geniuses that founded empires on programming and turned into the richest men on earth, and its time to see that this is an illusion. Instead of tearing them down, however – easy enough to do! – the book focuses on the things we actually need: dealing with feelings of inadequacy, the joining of communities, and so on.

This book is about the things that aren’t actual programming in the life of a programmer. That alone makes it important to me, makes it into a book I’d like to suggest to newbies entering the profession. We don’t need to read about Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, Thorvalds, all the language designers and framework builders. We need to read about people like you and me.



Thank you for posting about this book! I am enjoying the read and the message is quite relevant to my current mindset.

Shreyas 2020-06-09 17:36 UTC

You are welcome!

I also just saw your blog post Oddmuse-curl exploration. Wow! Now we’re two users. 😀 I’ll be happy to take suggestions for changes, particularly regarding the documentation. This is neglected often enough.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-06-09 22:07 UTC

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