2020-05-26 Certificate problems

Today I was informed by various sources that Emacs Wiki was unreachable. Other sites as well. How strange! I use dehydrated via a cron job to keep my certificates from Let’s Encrypt up to date. I checked. They were up to date! The Apache config files point at the correct certificates. The certificates have expiry dates in July.

I wondered: is it possible that Apache caches these certificates and doesn’t notice when they update? After all, dehydrated sets up symbolic links that I refer to in my Apache config, and these always point to the current certificate files.

I reloaded the Apache config file using apachectl graceful and that seemed to work. Later today I got more reports, however and checked it on another laptop and sure enough, same problem. This time I stopped and restarted Apache completely. Once again, everything seems to be fine. Let’s see whether that was good enough.

If not, let me know. 🙂

Then again, if it doesn’t work, you won’t be able to read this... So here I am, hoping for the best.



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