2020-06-10 Episode 31

Halberds and Helmets Podcast Talking about how I use giant apes in my campaigns: fighters with two bare-handed attacks, often technologically advanced. Super short episode! 😀




Whoops, I just realized that this episode had the old mp3 file associated with it. Fixed that and changed the title from “Giant Apes” to “Monsters: Giant Apes” just in case the podcatchers get confused.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-06-12 09:19 UTC

Humble request - use a different intro noise. If your levels are too high and you’re settling in to listen, your ears get blasted 🙂

starmonkey 2020-06-18 23:25 UTC

Sorry about the blasted ears! The audio looks OK where I post-process the episode. But yeah, I’ll try to be more mindful in the future. You’re actually the second person mentioning the volume. 😯


– Alex Schroeder 2020-06-19 09:11 UTC

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