2020-06-29 Smolnet

@Shufei says:

There’s a nascent movement offing, I think. Retrotech started it, hacker culture and tech, natch, but it’s incorporating new stuff like Gemini. Textnet, “slow internet”, I call it smolnet. People are tired of the corporate behemoths and cacophony. Demimondes like SDF provide a respite from all that, and a forum for some resistance and development apart from the bloat and blather. There’s a demotic tinge to it all in the hacker tradition, but without necessitating 1337ness.

I like to see my Gemini Wiki in this light. Slow net, small net, yes! Gemini Wiki is a Perl script which also acts as a web server. No need for Apache or nginx if you don’t want to. I need to write more about this, I’m so excited.

The Gemini Wiki also serves its pages via HTTP and HTML, so regular web browsers can access it. That means, it can act as a gateway...

You can start the Gemini Wiki such that it serves the wiki on both the standard Gemini port (1965) and on the standard HTTPS port (443) – your users don’t even have to know about any of this.

I’m currently running it on this site:

And this is what it looks like, using Elpher, the Emacs Gopher and Gemini client:


And this is what it looks like, using eww, the “Emacs Web Wowser”, i.e. the Emacs web browser:

Image 2



Gemini Wiki (Giki!) is right at the heart of smolnet!

We need reference and permeable media across the board. And Giki is ever so light and airy.

– Shufei 2020-06-29 19:51 UTC


We’re at 1547 lines of code, comments and documentation, now...

– Alex Schroeder 2020-06-29 19:59 UTC

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