2020-09-29 Assange Trial

Reading the blog posts by Craig Murray on the Julian Assange trials really does show you the naked power of the state and the torture regimes of the US and the UK at work. Just the description of some of the prison practices. Here’s how Administrative Segregation, (AdSeg or X block) where high profile and national security prisoners are held, is described:

He testified that pre-trail detention could last many months or even years. Isolation from other prisoners is the purpose of the X block. Prisoners are in tiny cells of approximately 50 square feet, which is under 5 square metres. The bed is a shelf. On a daily basis only one to two hours are allowed outside the cell, into a small area outside at a time when nobody else is there. The second hour was generally available only in the middle of the night, so was not utilised.

How to rot away in a modern prison, US style.

So many things need reform. There is so much to do and it seem that the to do list keeps getting longer. I’m sure the US can clean up all their shit, once the slumbering giant awakens. For now, however, the grinding down of humans continues.



The US prison system has never been about reforming criminals; it’s always been about punishing them. The very founding of the nation rests on that fact, so I’m not sure that change is possible without fundamental reorganization of the very foundations.

~ acdw 2020-09-29 ... about 12:00 UTC ish

I don’t know. Many people say this, for sure. But the prison systems in Europe used to be pretty bad as well (and some of them still are). Europe also has a history of punishment in prisons. Apparently the reason the Swiss penal system looks so positive in comparison are recent changes, the most recent one from 2007. I therefore hope that significant reform is possible, even if the origins are terrible.


– Alex 2020-09-29 14:52 UTC

You make some great points, and maybe there is hope. I just don’t think, given the bent of national politics in America, it’s going to happen any time soon.

– Case (acdw) 2020-09-29 21:39 UTC

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