2020-10-18 Making Bread

Yes, I’m still making bread. There is no more lockdown, but I got used to the sourdough bread I’ve been making since then (see Bread blog post from April). We did buy one loaf of bread in all this time I didn’t like it any more. Am I going to be a bread snob for the rest of my life?

Since I felt I needed a lot of encouragement to get started, and since I was very confused by all the instructions, I decided to document how I make bread. I guess that’ll add to the confusion – but at the same time I hope it will show that making bread is super simple and flexible. Whatever mistake you make, you can still eat it! 😀

So, for two adults, I like to bake a very small load of bread:


(Click images above for details.)



For my own reference, using a selection of the images from the thumbs directory: montage -background transparent -tile 5x4 -geometry +1+1 IMG_E6860.jpg IMG_E6861.jpg IMG_E6863.jpg IMG_E6864.jpg IMG_E6865.jpg IMG_E6866.jpg IMG_E6867.jpg IMG_E6868.jpg IMG_E6870.jpg IMG_E6871.jpg IMG_E6872.jpg IMG_E6874.jpg IMG_E6876.jpg IMG_E6877.jpg IMG_E6878.jpg IMG_E6880.jpg IMG_E6881.jpg IMG_E6884.jpg IMG_E6885.jpg IMG_E6887.jpg bread.jpg – JPG is much smaller than PNG, but JPG doesn’t have transparency and so I had to use a 1px black border instead of leaving a 5px transparent gap. Oh well.

– Alex 2020-10-18 18:23 UTC

Comment on luminar’s capsule:

In short: it’s not an exact science and when looking for recipes and the like, pick the simplest one, the one with the least number of steps. Such a good point!

– Alex 2020-10-20 09:14 UTC

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