2020-11-07 Moku Pona incompatible changes

I’m taking Moku Pona into the Gemini future. If you’re sticking with Gopher, stay on version 1.1 of Moku Pona. Gopher isn’t going to change, so why should you need to upgrade Moku Pona? It hadn’t changed in 21 months.

I’ve made incompatible changes to Moku Pona, moving it from Gopher to Gemini. I can’t promise that the transition will be painless. If you do make the move, however, you can subscribe to both Gopher and Gemini sites, and to feeds, and you can do it via Gopher, Gemini, and the web. That’s right. Regular website feeds will also work, because it’s ignoring the feed item content!

The main benefit for me is that I can follow both Gopher and Gemini sites, via the same client. Since Gemini allows me to follow a Gopher link, and since many Gemini clients also support Gopher, and since I myself prefer Gemini over Gopher, it makes more sense for the new Moku Pona to produce Gemini output.

Therefore: updates.txt is now a gemtext list of links instead of a Gopher menu.

The naming of the cache files also changed because the names now depend on a URL and not on the host, port, and selector combo (close, but not the same).

My migrated setup, which could use some spring cleaning, if you want to take a look:

Right now it can read Gopher menu items in sites.txt, but what I did was use “list”, saved the output, deleted the file, and played back those commands to recreate sites.txt in Gemini format. Which is fine unless you publish sites.txt via Gopher…

Perhaps some sort of Gemini to Gopher menu command is required.

Perhaps I should change the output filename to updates.gmi.


Documentation is much improved. Getting feeds via HTTP and HTTPS is also supported, now. Weird!

– 2020-11-07 20:06 UTC

I needed a very simple Gemini server for static files in order to tell users of Moku Pona how to serve the directory and I don’t have a Go, Rust, Nim, Fortran, or Lua environment to build an existing server. How sad is that. Perl to the rescue! 😁 I’m cheating, of course. I just used the Gemini wiki I already had (Phoebe) and just dropped everything that wasn’t needed.

– 2020-11-07 22:42 UTC

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