2020-11-20 Moku pona is on CPAN

Now that I’m slowly learning how to package code for CPAN – all of that after realizing that I could in fact upload tools and scripts without regular Perl modules for others to use – I’ve packaged and uploaded moku pona as well.

Thus, if you’re a Perl user, here’s how you’d install it:

cpan install App::mokupona

I hope it works for you. 🙂

Moku pona is a Gemini based feed reader. It can monitor URLs to feeds or regular pages for changes and keeps and updated list of these in a Gemini list. Moku pona knows how to fetch Gopher URLs, Gemini URLs, and regular web URLs.

You manage your subscriptions using the command-line, with moku pona.

You serve the resulting file using a Gemini server.

You read it all using your Gemini client.


I added lupa pona to CPAN as well (App::lupapona), which should help you self-host a directory of files, such as the moku pona directory.

– Alex 2020-11-21 23:29 UTC

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