2020-12-31 Best of 2020

OK, this is a year that definitely needs a best-of list! 😃

Best of 2020, what do you have?

For me: we spent two weeks in the Galápagos. I did not expect to ever be able to do this. Of course, we had to leave two days early because of the pandemic onset, but by that time we had already left the ship. It was the most fantastic thing. Then again, my wife and I love plants and animals.

Music: I found a way to download all the MP3s from the The David W. Niven Collection of Early Jazz Legends, 1921-1991. Thank you Internet Archive! If you want a copy of those 84G and aren’t technically minded, leave a comment and I’m sure we can work something out.

Work: I hate open plan offices, like ours. I hate working on premise with clients, like for my current project. I hate commuting. I hate the stupidity revealed by the pandemic. But with the pandemic I had the excuse I needed to work from home. It was weird, and I gained a bit of weight, and I worked a bit more than was necessary, but I enjoyed it much, much more. I love working in the same flat as my wife. I love eating lunch with her. I love going on walks with her. So happy. 😍


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