2021-01-15 Traveller Madness

Yikes, in a moment of madness I bought the two Bundles of Holding for Classic Traveller. I’d say I’m set for life when it comes to Traveller, now. 😅

Maybe I should think about running a game. Slowly my itch to run games is coming back. I’m thinking that perhaps I’d like to try smaller groups, and something other than Halberds and Helmets for a bit.

Option 1, of course, is Classic Traveller. I still have an old Subsector lying around. The benefit of reusing old setting material is that you get an in-game setting history and plenty of non-player characters for free, buried in the campaign wiki.

Option 2, as is often the case, would be something like Burning Wheel, mostly because Judd Karlman keeps mentioning it in his podcast. There are many clunky bits I don’t particularly look forward to, but sometimes I remember elements of that one mini-campaign I ran, and I really liked those: rolling for contacts using the circles attribute; rolling to buy stuff using the resources attribute; one-roll conflict resolution, also known as Bloody Versus.

Then again, when I look at the list of things I enjoyed, perhaps it’s actually not in the rules per se, but in the approach to the game… I keep thinking that a way to play it using Just Halberds should be possible.

Perhaps the first thing to do is to find two people willing to play a game with, via a conference call, and then get excited about something via mutual inspiration.


Have you listened to the podcasts with Sean Nittner and Judd as they play Burning Wheel? It’s been wonderful listening to how they use the rules of BW to facilitate the conversation of the game.

In the first four sessions there are two dual of wits and one circles test. Most of it is conversations at the table.

Jeremy Friesen 2021-01-15 21:59 UTC

No, do you have a link?

– Alex 2021-01-16 00:19 UTC

It’s at: https://anchor.fm/actualplay

The Shoeless Peasant is the BW campaign. There’s also a Youtube or Twitch stream for this.

Jeremy Friesen 2021-01-16 15:01 UTC


In the mean time, I’ve started creating two characters, and my wife created a character for me – I’m not sure she really wants to play a 1:1 campaign with me, but at least she’s interested, and I’m interested, and I can use it for some Wiki-based semi-solo play. At least that’s the idea right now.

– Alex 2021-01-17 20:47 UTC

Started listening to Shoeless Peasant episode 1.

– 2021-01-18 22:14 UTC

See 2021-01-19 Listening to Burning Wheel Actual Play.

– Alex 2021-01-19 22:51 UTC

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