2021-05-20 Sitelen Mute on CPAN

I’m working on getting sitelen mute on CPAN. It’s my fork of fgallery, a static image gallery generator. What’s this, you ask? “Static” means that it generates a directory for you to upload to your web server, and your web server only serves files. You don’t need PHP or Perl on the server. You do, however, need Perl and a bunch of command line tools in order to generate the directory you’ll upload.

For some examples, check out my own galleries.

Since this is a fork of fgallery, chances are that you can install fgallery using your packet manager even though it’s no longer being actively worked on. Give it a try! Make sure you also install facedetect by the same author. If you use the -f option for fgallery and sitelen mute, the thumbnails used to navigate are centered on the faces of people, if any. No more thumbnails where you don’t see the faces.

The fgallery repository is still available. Check it out to see whether Yuri D’Elia resumed working on it.

The most important change I made back when I forked it was to add support for browsers without Javascript or with Javascript disabled. To test it, open the inspector, go to settings, and switch off javascript. Or use a text user interface (TUI) browser like lynx.

Image 1


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