2021-07-12 European Surveillance

This makes me angry. People are all too ready to accept facial recognition in software, not understanding that there are reasons we might not want to be tracked. I’m guessing there are many reasons for this. On the one hand, most people really do feel like they have nothing to hide. Perhaps they feel that way because nobody is asking them the question face to face. If police officers were to ask them every now and then were they were going, perhaps they’d feel more uneasy about it. Many people also don’t think about it too often because they blend in so easily. They don’t go to gay bars where going to gay bars is bad for your career, or your safety, for example.

Perhaps people also feel that if no human is looking, is it really surveillance? Or people are cynical about it: if my face isn’t betraying me to the authorities, then it’s my phone, or my car, or voice recognition in smart TVs, or voice assistants like Alexa and Echo and Siri and Google – even if you don’t own them, somebody in your circle of friends and family will.

In a new research report, EDRi reveals the shocking extent of unlawful biometric mass surveillance practices in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland which are taking over our public spaces like train stations, streets, and shops. The EU and its Member States must act now to set clear legal limits to these practices which create a state of permanent monitoring, profiling and tracking of people. – New EDRi report reveals depths of biometric mass surveillance in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland

Ein Netzwerk von Bürgerrechtsorganisationen hat biometrische Überwachungssysteme in Deutschland, den Niederlanden und in Polen untersucht. Die Studie kommt zum Schluss, dass die Systeme vielfach unrechtmäßig genutzt werden. – Schockierendes Ausmaß von biometrischer Überwachung in Europa

If you’re a citizen of the European Union, consider signing this petition:

Facial recognition can and will be used against each of us by governments and corporations - based on who we are and what we look like. – Reclaim Your Face



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