2021-07-14 Elpher as the universal browser for Emacs

Elpher is my favourite browser in Emacs these days. There’s a fork I’m maintaining over here, which also adds deeper web support, registering it as the right browser for HTTP links. This prevents the switch from Elpher to Eww (my default browser in Emacs). When that happens, you can’t go “back”, you have to “bury” the Eww buffer in order to get back to Elpher, and the history doesn’t work, and Eww bookmarks are different from Elpher bookmarks... This Elpher fork also uses Emacs bookmarks instead of its own bookmarks.

Find out more about the fork:

If you like what you see, give it a try! 🚀🚀😄

The little video shows Emacs using the Brutalist Dark theme. It was recorded using Peek. It was edited and the audio was added using Pitivi. The audio was made on a small synthesizer, the OP-1. Basic recording was done using Audacity. Whoops! Use Tenacity?

Anyway, still getting the hang of these little videos. 😆


This is totally awesome!

– Sandra Snan 2021-07-14 22:16 UTC

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