2021-07-15 Gemini Backlink Project, and Titan

Today I stumbled upon a new blog on Antenna.

The author introduced me to someting very much like webmentions. You know, the simple tech that the majority of blogs don’t support. In theory, it’s easy: the web page contains meta data pointing an agent to the right endpoint. There, you submit a tiny piece of text containing your URL, and the URL you’re linking to. Well, the Backlinks Project is similar, except that you don’t have a single end point where you need to provide two URLs, every target has an individual URL where you can provide your backlink, so you only have to provide your own URL. Works for me! I’ll have to add something like that to Phoebe, since Oddmuse already supports webmentions.

I was happy to see that the author had also implemented Titan support for their site! Oh wow. This makes me happy.

I wondered about having some sort of “bar” on The Transjovian Council, modelled along the Midnight Pub. A cantina? Or some long range slow bulletin board system metaphor. But I like the Midnight. Why open an alternative if I enjoy the original is it is? Maybe some other time. I don’t need anonymous posters. I guess what I could do is generate a random “space name” based on a client certificate without any further login? The “space names” I use for Ijirait are based on the random name generator for the old Elite game. Or just allow anonymous posting. Or perhaps only allow page creation for the current date. You can always edit existing pages to leave a comment, but you can only ever create a page for “today”. We could use some sort of “space date”.

Yeah, I still like Gemini. 🚀🚀😍


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