2021-08-03 Ordered some tea

I got to order some tea again. Looking back, it seems that I order my tea once a year. I think I should force myself to write a little something about every tea I drink: a little grasping for words, a little poetry, something, so that I can remember them, work on what I like and why I like it. Finding a language to think about tea, to grow beyond that vague “yeah, I like green tea.”

As always, I started out by putting some Japanese green tea in my basket and then I ended up removing the Bancha from Kyushu (because I wanted to try more Chinese tea) and the Shincha from Yame (because that’s the tea I’m drinking right now).

If you haven’t tried green tea, or you only drink tea from tea bags, I wrote a little introduction the other day on how to prepare Japanese green tea “for beginners”.

If you want to look up Chinese tea terms, there’s Bablecarp, brought to you by friendly Lew Perin, who is also on Mastodon: @babelcarp.

Use the codes in brackets to find the entries on the shop’s site, use the Chinese phrases to look things up on Babelcarp.


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Drinking Pu Er from Jing Gu Sheng Cha for the first time. I bought a small set of 5 little cakes à 7g each. First it was subtle, then flowery, turning earthier now. Steeping for 1min, we’re at our fourth cups.

If you really want to steep it ten times, you have to plan for an afternoon reading and drinking tea. A small cake à 7g fills two cups easily. It takes a while for the cake to open up, so where as at first the tea is subtle and weak, it gets stronger as the leaves start opening up and gaining volume.

I’d drink it again, a wonderful experience. Just make sure you have enough time.

– Alex 2021-08-06 and 2021-08-07

Image 2 for 2021-08-03 Ordered some tea Drinking Yunnan Beauty. It is flowery, a memory of honey, and a hint of the sea. You know that smell, when the tide is low, and there are still plants clinging to the rocks.

– Alex 2021-08-22 09:24 UTC

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