2021-09-01 Hex Describe and Text Mapper get their own repositories

It’s dark outside, clouds prevent the moon from reaching me. I sit in front of the glowing laptop and type and type and type. Bad posture. Bad posture.

I’m excited. I tried to explain to somebody how to run their own instances of Hex Describe and Text Mapper, and it got so complicated that I realized: this is not good. Both are part of a repository called Hex Mapping. It contains many of my earlier experiments. It’s a mess. It grew over time. It grew over a long time. A really long time. Yikes!

So I’ve started moving both of them to separate repositories, with infrastructure that makes it possible to submit them to CPAN. This means that installing them will install all their dependencies, too. They have separate README files explaining the dependencies and the config file.

I feel better already. 😁

The Face Generator already has its own repository.


I think I fixed the last few issues for the new Hex Describe and Text Mapper applications – and I deployed them on my server. If you notice anything that’s wrong, let me know.

– Alex 2021-09-02 14:49 UTC

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