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    <title>Alex Gaming</title>
    <outline text="Gaming">
      <outline text="So Many Games..." htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="So Many Games..." type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Inner Circle" htmlUrl="—wordpress &lt;;" title="Inner Circle" type="rss" xmlUrl="—wordpress &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Microlite20 Macropedia: RecentChanges" htmlUrl="—RecentChanges &lt;;" title="Microlite20 Macropedia: RecentChanges" type="rss" xmlUrl="—Macropedia &lt;;full=1&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Praemal Tales" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Praemal Tales" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="The Chapel Perilous" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="The Chapel Perilous" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Freeport: The City of Adventure" htmlUrl="—freeport &lt;;" title="Freeport: The City of Adventure" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Jonathan Drains D20 Source: Dungeons &amp;amp; Dragons Blog" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Jonathan Drains D20 Source: Dungeons &amp;amp; Dragons Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="—feed &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="The Dragons Breath" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="The Dragons Breath" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss2.aspx &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Treasure Tables" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Treasure Tables" type="rss" xmlUrl="—TreasureTables &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Merric&amp;#x27;s Musings" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Merric&amp;#x27;s Musings" type="rss" xmlUrl="—feed.rss &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Deltas D&amp;amp;D Hotspot" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Deltas D&amp;amp;D Hotspot" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Echoes of Heaven" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Echoes of Heaven" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Mearlss Journal" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Mearlss Journal" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="The Monkey King" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="The Monkey King" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Open Design" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Open Design" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="_" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="_" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Paizo News" htmlUrl="—news &lt;;" title="Paizo News" type="rss" xmlUrl="—news&amp;xml=atom &lt;;xml=atom&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Paizo Blog" htmlUrl="—blog &lt;;" title="Paizo Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="—blog&amp;xml=atom &lt;;xml=atom&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Paizo Store" htmlUrl="—blog &lt;;" title="Paizo Store" type="rss" xmlUrl="—blog&amp;xml=atom &lt;;xml=atom&gt;"/>
      <outline text="hack/" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="hack/" type="rss" xmlUrl=" &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Green Ronin Publishing" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Green Ronin Publishing" type="rss" xmlUrl="—GreenRoninNews &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Wizards Community - D&amp;D Experience Staff Blogs" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Wizards Community - D&amp;D Experience Staff Blogs" type="rss" xmlUrl="—external.php &lt;;forumids=684&gt;"/>
      <outline text="ENWorld - Morrus 4th Edition D&amp;amp;D / d20 News and Reviews Sit" htmlUrl="—forum &lt;;" title="ENWorld - Morrus 4th Edition D&amp;amp;D / d20 News and Reviews Sit" type="rss" xmlUrl="—external.php &lt;;type=rss&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Chainmail Bikini" htmlUrl="—rss.aspx &lt;;" title="Chainmail Bikini" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss.aspx &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Musings of the chatty DM" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Musings of the chatty DM" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="The Alexandrian" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="The Alexandrian" type="rss" xmlUrl="—alexandrian-feed.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Save or Die -" htmlUrl="—saveordie &lt;;" title="Save or Die -" type="rss" xmlUrl="—saveordie &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Odd Wiki Attaxa: RecentChanges" htmlUrl="—RecentChanges &lt;;" title="Odd Wiki Attaxa: RecentChanges" type="rss" xmlUrl="—Attaxa &lt;;showedit=1&gt;"/>
      <outline text="in der blackbox" htmlUrl="—rss.php &lt;;" title="in der blackbox" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom10.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Ex-Teenage Rebel" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Ex-Teenage Rebel" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Campaign Wiki: RecentChanges" htmlUrl="—RecentChanges &lt;;" title="Campaign Wiki: RecentChanges" type="rss" xmlUrl="—wiki &lt;;showedit=1&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Well of Urd" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Well of Urd" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text=" - Your source for gaming maps and mapping object" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title=" - Your source for gaming maps and mapping object" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="RolePlay onLine, Atom 1.0" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="RolePlay onLine, Atom 1.0" type="rss" xmlUrl="—feeds.cgi &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Sinister Adventures" htmlUrl="—frontpage &lt;;" title="Sinister Adventures" type="rss" xmlUrl="—index.php &lt;;type=atom&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Indulgences, Waves One and Two" htmlUrl="—indulgences &lt;;" title="Indulgences, Waves One and Two" type="rss" xmlUrl="—indulgences &lt;;type=rss&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Solitude" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Solitude" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Gnome Stew" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Gnome Stew" type="rss" xmlUrl="—GnomeStew &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Trasks Wisdom at" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Trasks Wisdom at" type="rss" xmlUrl="—index.php &lt;;Itemid=117&amp;task=rss&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Codex of the Infinite Pains" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Codex of the Infinite Pains" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Kobold Quarterly" htmlUrl="—k &lt;;" title="Kobold Quarterly" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Microlite20 - Comments" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Microlite20 - Comments" type="rss" xmlUrl="—crss &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Microlite20" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Microlite20" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Players Guide to the Wilderlands" htmlUrl="—search.dll &lt;;from=R40&amp;siteId=77&amp;ssPageName=RSS:B:SRCH:DE:100&gt;" title="Players Guide to the Wilderlands" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rssapi &lt;;siteId=77&amp;language=de-DE&amp;output=RSS20&amp;from=R40&amp;satitle=Player%27s+Guide+to+the+Wilderlands&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Lemuria Press" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Lemuria Press" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="seankreynolds" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="seankreynolds" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="rsdancey" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="rsdancey" type="rss" xmlUrl="—atom &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="“JUST CHANGE”" htmlUrl="—Blog.html &lt;;" title="“JUST CHANGE”" type="rss" xmlUrl="—rss.xml &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Grognardia" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Grognardia" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Wilderlands OD&amp;amp;amp;D" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Wilderlands OD&amp;amp;amp;D" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="RetroRoleplaying: The Blog" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="RetroRoleplaying: The Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="—retroroleplayingblog &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Cartographers Guild - Featured Maps" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Cartographers Guild - Featured Maps" type="rss" xmlUrl="—external.php &lt;;forumids=43&gt;"/>
      <outline text="Greywulfs Lair" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Greywulfs Lair" type="rss" xmlUrl=" &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Strange Maps" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Strange Maps" type="rss" xmlUrl="—feed &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Jeffs Gameblog" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Jeffs Gameblog" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="The Tao of D&amp;amp;D" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="The Tao of D&amp;amp;D" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="LotFP: RPG" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="LotFP: RPG" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>
      <outline text="Trollsmyth" htmlUrl=" &lt;;" title="Trollsmyth" type="rss" xmlUrl="—default &lt;;"/>


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