I used to skim the world service RSS feed twice a week. That is not enough to even skim all the news. I ended up overwhelmed by the InformationOverload and dropped the feed. :/


  • 13:01 UTC British couple found dead in SpainBritish couple Peter and Jean Tarsey, both aged 77, have been found dead with bullet wounds in the province of Alicante, Spanish police say.
  • 13:00 UTC African comedian replaces Jon StewartComedian Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, it is announced.
  • 12:56 UTC Tense Nigeria awaits election resultNigeria's election body is expected to announce the first results of the presidential poll, amid Western concern at "political interference".
  • 12:55 UTC Acquittal was 'rebirth' - SollecitoIn his first remarks since his final acquittal of UK student Meredith Kercher's murder, Raffaele Sollecito says he will be "marked for life" by the ordeal.
  • 12:51 UTC VIDEO: Flood warnings issued in KashmirFlood warnings have been issued in Indian-administered Kashmir after torrential rain and a rise in levels of the Jhelum river.
  • 12:41 UTC 'Tube rescuer' hit by train diesA man dies after being hit by a Tube train as he attempted to rescue another man who had fallen on to the tracks.
  • 12:37 UTC Cameron launches election campaignDavid Cameron says he has begun the task of "turning the country around" and he wants to "see the job through" as the election campaign gets under way.
  • 12:36 UTC India arrests '1,000 police cheats'More than 1,000 men are reportedly arrested for impersonating candidates in police physical fitness tests in India's Bihar state.
  • 12:04 UTC Wrong anthem angers El Salvador fansOrganisers of a friendly match between El Salvador and Argentina apologise for playing the Isle of Man's anthem by mistake.
  • 11:59 UTC Attacks hit BA, GitHub and SlackBritish Airways' Executive Club, the code-sharing site GitHub and the work chat service Slack have all been hit by cyber-attacks.
  • 11:50 UTC Senior nurse admits raping patientsA former senior hospital nurse admits raping, sexually assaulting and spying on female patients including some who were unconscious.
  • 11:44 UTC Damage fears for Alps crash recorderA top Lufthansa official warns the missing flight recorder may have been too badly damaged when the Germanwings plane crashed in the French Alps.
  • 11:37 UTC Iran nuclear talks near key deadlineLast hours of intensive diplomacy over Iran's nuclear programme take place in Switzerland ahead of Tuesday's deadline for a long-awaited deal.
  • 11:21 UTC French elections see swing to rightLocal elections give a big boost to France's conservative UMP, led by ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy, and inflict a bruising blow to the ruling Socialists.
  • 10:52 UTC Bank stress tests cover global slumpThe UK's banking industry will have to prove it can endure a global economic slump in this year's Bank of England stress tests.

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ehe news from 1905? Y2K bug in 2005?

PierreGaston 2005-04-26 09:05 UTC

Hehehe, I didn't even notice! In the RSS 2.0 feed I found:

    <pubDate>Tue, 26 Apr 05 07:44:29 GMT</pubDate>

I must check whether this is valid… It says: "All date-times in RSS conform to the Date and Time Specification of RFC 822, with the exception that the year may be expressed with two characters or four characters (four preferred)." [1] But which century would that be in – do you think RFC 822 will help us? It was written August 13, 1982. This is what it says:

     date        =  1*2DIGIT month 2DIGIT        ; day month year
                                                 ;  e.g. 20 Jun 82

I think using two digits is bad engineering. Now I have to fiddle with some stupid heuristics… Here is what I currently have:

	  my $date = $i->{dc}->{date};
	  if (not $date and $i->{pubDate}) {
	    $date = $i->{pubDate};
	    my %mon = (Jan=>1, Feb=>2, Mar=>3, Apr=>4, May=>5, Jun=>6,
		       Jul=>7, Aug=>8, Sep=>9, Oct=>10, Nov=>11, Dec=>12);
	    $date =~ s/^(?:[A-Z][a-z][a-z], )?(\d\d?) ([A-Z][a-z][a-z]) (\d\d(?:\d\d)?)/ # pubDate uses RFC 822
	      sprintf('%04d-%02d-%02d', ($3 < 100 ? 1900 + $3 : $3), $mon{$2}, $1)/e;

Maybe I should use:

	      sprintf('%04d-%02d-%02d', ($3 < 60 ? 2000 + $3 : ($3 < 100 ? 1900 + $3 : $3)), $mon{$2}, $1)/e;


AlexSchroeder 2005-04-26 09:28 UTC

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