I used to skim the world service RSS feed twice a week. That is not enough to even skim all the news. I ended up overwhelmed by the InformationOverload and dropped the feed. :/


  • 20:03 UTC 'Racial bias' at Ferguson policeThe US Justice Department has found evidence of racial bias at the Ferguson police department, US media reports.
  • 19:40 UTC 'Birth tourism' hotels raided in USUS agents raid more than a dozen hotels that cater to pregnant foreigners who want their children to be born US citizens.
  • 19:33 UTC Body parts found in Becky searchThe family of missing teenager Becky Watts say they are "devastated" as police reveal body parts are discovered at a house in Bristol.
  • 19:14 UTC Netanyahu warns US over Iran dealIsrael Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says an Iran nuclear deal could "pave Iran's path to the bomb", in a contentious speech to the US Congress.
  • 19:14 UTC Delhi police block gang rapist filmPolice in India secure a court injunction blocking the broadcast of an interview with one of the Delhi gang rapists on death row.
  • 19:08 UTC Ukraine raises interest rates to 30%Ukraine's central bank sharply raises interest rates from 19.5% to 30% in an effort to curb inflation and prop up its beleaguered currency.
  • 18:55 UTC Disgraced Rolf Harris stripped of CBEDisgraced former entertainer Rolf Harris has been stripped of his CBE, according to an official announcement in the London Gazette.
  • 18:55 UTC MH17 families view plane wreckageFamilies of passengers who died when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was downed over Ukraine, view the wreckage of the plane at a Dutch air base.
  • 18:21 UTC Kenya leader sets fire to tusksKenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta sets fire to 15 tonnes of elephant ivory as part of the East African nation's efforts to curb poaching.
  • 17:58 UTC Stalin wiped from Soviet Gulag museumA Soviet prison camp from the Stalin era - the only one fully preserved - no longer exists as a museum dedicated to political prisoners, its director says.
  • 17:51 UTC VIDEO: 'Green supercar' unveiled in GenevaAn "environmentally friendly" supercar with has been unveiled at Geneva's International Motor Show.
  • 17:50 UTC End in sight to US shutdown impasseThe US House of Representatives will vote on a security funding bill that will not rollback the president's recent immigration reforms.
  • 17:45 UTC Emwazi father 'in state of shock'The father of Islamic State fighter Mohammed Emwazi is in "shock" as he helps officials build a profile of his son, the BBC is told after the first meeting with him.
  • 17:28 UTC Who killed Boris Nemtsov?Theories abound over murder that shocked Moscow
  • 17:20 UTC Ex-CIA chief in federal charge pleaDavid Petraeus, a former four-star general, reaches a plea deal with the US Justice Department in which he will admit to mishandling classified materials.

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ehe news from 1905? Y2K bug in 2005?

PierreGaston 2005-04-26 09:05 UTC

Hehehe, I didn't even notice! In the RSS 2.0 feed I found:

    <pubDate>Tue, 26 Apr 05 07:44:29 GMT</pubDate>

I must check whether this is valid… It says: "All date-times in RSS conform to the Date and Time Specification of RFC 822, with the exception that the year may be expressed with two characters or four characters (four preferred)." [1] But which century would that be in – do you think RFC 822 will help us? It was written August 13, 1982. This is what it says:

     date        =  1*2DIGIT month 2DIGIT        ; day month year
                                                 ;  e.g. 20 Jun 82

I think using two digits is bad engineering. Now I have to fiddle with some stupid heuristics… Here is what I currently have:

	  my $date = $i->{dc}->{date};
	  if (not $date and $i->{pubDate}) {
	    $date = $i->{pubDate};
	    my %mon = (Jan=>1, Feb=>2, Mar=>3, Apr=>4, May=>5, Jun=>6,
		       Jul=>7, Aug=>8, Sep=>9, Oct=>10, Nov=>11, Dec=>12);
	    $date =~ s/^(?:[A-Z][a-z][a-z], )?(\d\d?) ([A-Z][a-z][a-z]) (\d\d(?:\d\d)?)/ # pubDate uses RFC 822
	      sprintf('%04d-%02d-%02d', ($3 < 100 ? 1900 + $3 : $3), $mon{$2}, $1)/e;

Maybe I should use:

	      sprintf('%04d-%02d-%02d', ($3 < 60 ? 2000 + $3 : ($3 < 100 ? 1900 + $3 : $3)), $mon{$2}, $1)/e;


AlexSchroeder 2005-04-26 09:28 UTC

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