I used to skim the world service RSS feed twice a week. That is not enough to even skim all the news. I ended up overwhelmed by the InformationOverload and dropped the feed. :/


  • 14:36 UTC US stocks rebound as trading startsStocks on Wall Street rebound after Monday's falls, with reports that the Greek government is back in debt talks.
  • 14:30 UTC John Noakes missing from homeFormer Blue Peter presenter John Noakes, who has Alzheimer's disease, is reported missing from his home in Majorca.
  • 14:28 UTC Greece 'seeks last-minute debt deal'The Greek government is reportedly planning to request a new two-year bailout deal from the eurozone - just hours ahead of a deadline to repay a €1.6bn loan to the IMF.
  • 14:27 UTC Bodies of mother and daughter foundThe bodies of a woman and her daughter are discovered at their Surrey home, the day after a man believed to be the girl's father was found dead in France.
  • 14:11 UTC Tunisia victims to be repatriated to UKBritons killed by a gunman in last week's Tunisian beach attack will be repatriated from Wednesday ahead of a joint inquest, Downing Street says.
  • 14:00 UTC VIDEO: Gunman 'prayed' moments before deathThe BBC's Ben Brown reports from Sousse in Tunisia on what is known about the last moments of Seifeddine Rezgui, who killed 38 people at a beach resort on Friday.
  • 13:59 UTC Ricciardo Ferrari move 'unlikely'Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo says it is unlikely he will move to Ferrari next year, but does not rule it out.
  • 13:49 UTC Scores dead in Indonesia plane crashMore than 100 are feared killed as a military transport plane crashes in a residential area of the Indonesian city of Medan, officials say.
  • 13:47 UTC Champion Kvitova powers past BertensPetra Kvitova begins her Wimbledon title defence with a 35-minute win over Dutch player Kiki Bertens.
  • 13:26 UTC VIDEO: Leap second: What does it mean?Midnight will come later tonight, as for the first time in three years, an extra second is added to the official time set by atomic clocks.
  • 13:05 UTC French hardliner Pasqua dies at 88One of France's best-known hardline conservatives, ex-interior minister Charles Pasqua, dies of a heart attack in hospital aged 88.
  • 13:02 UTC Opera audience boos nude rape sceneThe opening night of William Tell at the Royal Opera House is marked by boos over a nude rape scene.
  • 12:58 UTC Iran nuclear talks reach deadlineIran's foreign minister returns to Vienna for talks with world powers on the day of a deadline for an agreement on its nuclear programme.
  • 12:49 UTC Walmart sorry for making 'IS cake'Walmart has apologised after a store in US state of Louisiana made a sheet cake decorated with the Islamic State flag.
  • 12:41 UTC Injured Tunisia Britons flown homeFour British tourists seriously injured in the Tunisian beach attack have been flown back to the UK by the RAF.

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ehe news from 1905? Y2K bug in 2005?

PierreGaston 2005-04-26 09:05 UTC

Hehehe, I didn't even notice! In the RSS 2.0 feed I found:

    <pubDate>Tue, 26 Apr 05 07:44:29 GMT</pubDate>

I must check whether this is valid… It says: "All date-times in RSS conform to the Date and Time Specification of RFC 822, with the exception that the year may be expressed with two characters or four characters (four preferred)." [1] But which century would that be in – do you think RFC 822 will help us? It was written August 13, 1982. This is what it says:

     date        =  1*2DIGIT month 2DIGIT        ; day month year
                                                 ;  e.g. 20 Jun 82

I think using two digits is bad engineering. Now I have to fiddle with some stupid heuristics… Here is what I currently have:

	  my $date = $i->{dc}->{date};
	  if (not $date and $i->{pubDate}) {
	    $date = $i->{pubDate};
	    my %mon = (Jan=>1, Feb=>2, Mar=>3, Apr=>4, May=>5, Jun=>6,
		       Jul=>7, Aug=>8, Sep=>9, Oct=>10, Nov=>11, Dec=>12);
	    $date =~ s/^(?:[A-Z][a-z][a-z], )?(\d\d?) ([A-Z][a-z][a-z]) (\d\d(?:\d\d)?)/ # pubDate uses RFC 822
	      sprintf('%04d-%02d-%02d', ($3 < 100 ? 1900 + $3 : $3), $mon{$2}, $1)/e;

Maybe I should use:

	      sprintf('%04d-%02d-%02d', ($3 < 60 ? 2000 + $3 : ($3 < 100 ? 1900 + $3 : $3)), $mon{$2}, $1)/e;


AlexSchroeder 2005-04-26 09:28 UTC

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