Comments on 2004-01-10 Religion

We also talked about Claudia’s “religion”. Christianity? I didn’t think so. Zen? No way! She wants fun, dance, music, people, mysticism, secrets, double layers, social stuff. When asked to guess, I said “some nature-oriented magic stuff.” She laughed and I think that’s exactly it. The santería stuff in Cuba, for example, fascinated her: The blending of old shamanism, spirits, gods, ritual, dance, and christian saints – dancing and fun, and yet a hidden layer behind it all, the dark shadow of voodoo lingering in the corner of your eyes, all of that is troubling to me – and fascinating for her.

Or, if you like Japan: Shinto!

If in the US, we call these people “Hippies.” ;D

LionKimbro 2004-01-11 22:56 UTC

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