Comments on 2007-09-30 The Biggest Book

I do own The Complete Calvin and Hobbes which is 12.6x11.3x5.2 inches and weighs about 22 lbs. Someone told me that it was the heaviest and most expensive item to be on the NYT best-seller list.

Of course, I’ve read all of it. Many times.

– AlokSingh 2007-10-01 10:14 UTC

Ohhh! I wants it... I actually thought it was a three volume thing? 22 lbs is incredible.

– AlexSchroeder 2007-10-01 13:05 UTC

Yeah, it is a three-volume boxed set. So, this is not in the same category as Ostasiatische Kunst.

While the quality of printing and binding is excellent, I found The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book a much more personal book.

– AlokSingh 2007-10-01 13:39 UTC

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