Comments on 2007-12-12 Kazmojen

Rhysalis Eina is using lots of Disarm moves with her Ranseur (+2 base attack, +3 strength bonus, +4 two handed, +2 ranseur special bonus = +11 to disarm). That part was incredibly effective. As I had hoped, against foes without reach, this is excellent because they don’t get an Attack of Opportunity, even though I don’t have the feat Improved Disarm.

My current plans are to take Combat Expertise @3, Leadership @6, and Improved Disarm @9. That’s late, but I really had to take Negotiator and Skill Focus (Diplomacy) at first level and I am not a Fighter. Oh well...

I was unable to use my awesome Diplomcay skill (+5 ranks, +3 Charisma, +3 Skill Focus, +2 Negotiator, +2 synergy due to Knowledge (nobility), +2 synergy due to Sense Motive = +17 Diplomacy). All the foes we fought either attacked us, or we attacked them. I wonder if we could have resolved the situation with Kazmojen peacefully. That would have involved some compromise, and I think I would have refused to compromise with a known slaver.

Then again, one of the beliefs I picked is “Everybody deserves a second chance.” Does that mean he would have had to surrender and beg for mercy? I think he would have had to do a lot of grovelling before deserving a second chance...

AlexSchroeder 2007-12-12 23:05 UTC

This was a really good tactic, especially because Wim was able to move into combat without taking an attack of opportunity (he is really fragile, though he has the 2nd best AC in the party right now) and then get his own attack of opportunity when Kazmojen picked up his warhammer.

Don’t worry too much about not negotiating with Kazmojen. Wim, like many gnomes and dwarves, is highly prejudiced against goblinoids, and has them as a favored enemy no less. He probably would have started a fight at some point, if it looked like Rhysalis was going to negotiate. After all, hobgoblins and anyone they associate with cannot be trusted...

– Adrian 2007-12-13 08:58 UTC

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