Comments on 2008-01-20 Tiroler Cake

Nummies :) Think I will have to try that one out :D

And the only thing I could find in that recipe that looked a bit “odd” was “black chocolate”. I assume that you mean dark chocolate? :)

Christa 2008-01-20 02:47 UTC

Cool. Let me know how it went. I will change the chocolate.

AlexSchroeder 2008-01-20 09:34 UTC

I was one of the happy people who “deserved” it. Yummy!! Great cake, thanks Alex. I’ll be anytime again volonteer to test whatever you want to try out.

– Mircea 2008-01-21 16:44 UTC

Schmeckte sehr gut!

– Adrian 2008-01-21 17:01 UTC

Thanks, guys. I can’t really remember any more old cakes from my youth. Tiroler Cake was my absolute favorite.

I think I also liked Marmorkuchen and Zitronenkuchen (where you pour lemon juice over the resulting cake). But if I had the choice, I’d take Tiroler Cake.

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll try something new soon.

AlexSchroeder 2008-01-21 23:36 UTC

For the moment, however, I’ve just baked my fourth one. It’s something I enjoy doing: Mastering a particular recipe. Just do it again and again, experimenting with the ingredients. Out of hazelnuts? Use almonds for the rest. Like the chocolate? Use 200g chocolate. And so on. The three previous cakes have been excellent, by the way.

AlexSchroeder 2008-01-25 19:16 UTC

I finally got around to trying this. Besides burning it – I checked after a half-hour and it was too late, I’m not sure the hazelnut consistency was correct. In this hemisphere, using hazelnut in cooking is only for purposes of a special treat. The supermarket only had chopped hazelnuts distributed by a U.S. corporation. What should the consistency of “ground hazelnuts” be? More than just “chopped”, eh? Perhaps you could post a picture of your ground hazelnuts?

AaronHawley 2009-03-03 02:39 UTC

Check out these links:

Sometimes I do the chopping myself using whole hazelnuts and a knife. 50g is not too much.

AlexSchroeder 2009-03-04 18:05 UTC

The chopped I can get. I guess I’ll need a food processor to get the ground hazelnuts.

AaronHawley 2009-03-05 01:39 UTC

We’re having a group of guests tomorrow afternoon and another group for the evening. I made two of these. :)

AlexSchroeder 2009-03-07 22:25 UTC

Looking forward for trying the tiroler cake tomorrow! :)

– Eloisa 2009-08-27 21:45 UTC

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