Comments on 2008-02-17 The Roper

I think that Kara handled Kersux on her own, was the only one really in danger, so she should get the XP from that. Ropers are really nasty. Not moving out of range was certainly a tactical error on my part, one that vexed me greatly as I succumbed to its strength draining effect. Belflin didn’t want to appear to be running away, leaving Auroleva at the non-mercy of the roper.

I like how you’re integrating words like Bugger into your daily speech. I ha stoltz auf dir, kleine Padewan. :)

– Marco 2008-02-18 10:07 UTC

“3rd Edition Rules, 1st Edition Feel.” I guess this is what Necromancer Games is talking about. What is a CR 12 creature with no real plot value doing sitting in an adventure for 4th-9th level characters?

You basically need (1) summoned creatures and/or no SR spells, like Melf’s acid arrow, (2) good archers, and/or (3) a kick butt Spot check not to get hosed by one of these creatures. It also helps if you have a pathological fear of stalactites and stalagmites, basically assuming every single one is a piercer or a roper :)

– Adrian 2008-02-20 14:53 UTC

Hahaha. I think I’m having more fun if I need to gamble on whether a particular fight is too tough. I don’t like it players have no way of making that choice (Hide +18) and no way of getting out of such a fight.

I’m just glad they all survived it.

AlexSchroeder 2008-02-20 16:06 UTC

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