Comments on 2008-07-03 Good Bye PDF Economy, Hello PDF Piracy

What a crazy world we live in, eh?

I reckon that a lot of publishers, regardless of size, will just remove the d20 logo and continue to sell their most popular PDF titles anyhow. Such a silly stricture hardly makes any sense - it’s just a bunch o’pixels and an image that’s easily available via Google Image search anyhow. It’s making a rule just because they can, not because it makes any sense.

As you say, copyright is broken.

GreyWulf 2008-07-03 19:27 UTC

Some of the extensions to copyright law in the US have made it broken along with related court decisions, but really traditional copyright law is pretty radical. It just needs a lot of people – writers, readers and publishers – who need to defend its core principles and fight the introduction of technical restrictions on works with new fangled software.

An entire industry is brewing in acedemia called PDF security[1]. Where “security” is a just cover for restricting PDF documents, rather than real security issues like verification and authenticity. It’s all a real shame, really.

AaronHawley 2008-07-04 19:24 UTC

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