Comments on 2009-07-02 More of my 1PDC Favorites

It’s good to see your thought processes, Alex, and certainly didn’t expect my own little entry to get a mention at all. It was fun to write something that explored the nature of the game a little. :D

Looking forward to the next contest already!

greywulf 2009-07-03 20:00 UTC

“Too bad the entry did not feature any potential allies, as far as I could tell. Escaped nameless prisoners on random encounter charts don’t count.”

There were also imprisoned nameless prisoners (of a random quantity) in the dungeon (room D - sorry for the letters :P). Does that count? ;D

Thanks for voting for the Warrens! (Honestly, when I first saw The Foetid Pit, I thought for certain it was going to beat out the Warrens. It really is an amazing map.)

It’s great to see the thought process behind the Herculean task of judging this contest.

Christopher B 2009-07-03 22:47 UTC

Hehehe. :)

As for a contest in 2010 – I’m up for it!

Also note Mike’s OPDC: The Also-Rans.


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