Comments on 2010-05-16 The Sound of Traveller

Cowboy Bebob is actually what I would be going for in terms of style, also the soundtrack of Firefly. Both are kind of specific and might be a bit too weird in all situations, so basically I would go for some bluesy/jazzy feeling in city/tech surroundings and for country sounding music (maybe only instrumental) whenever you touch the wilderness (and with that I mean underdeveloped planets and stuff. The soundtrack of Deadwood comes to my mind for that.

Also: have you looked into Christopher Franke’s Perry Rhodan “soundtrack” and the work he did for Babylon 5? Might be something.

And for more spacy feelings: why not put on some of the more experimental Prog Rock things. A few songs by Pink Floyd, Yes or Jethro Tull might work wonders. Although, that might give a very 70s-ish style of a soundtrack

G. Neuner 2010-05-17 00:38 UTC

Good point. One of the reasons I think a retro soundtrack would work is that Traveller is in a way a Retro Future. We would get rid of all the William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Charles Stross influences.

Perry Rhodan... Damn it, I was subscribed for a while!

One problem I have with the prog rock is the lyrics. If people start singing in the background I cannot help but listen. “Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?” I must avoid that.

Deadwood & Firefly, two shows I haven’t seen, yet. :(

Maybe I’ll start with a small collection of Jazz for cities and build it from there.

AlexSchroeder 2010-05-17 08:18 UTC

Me, I recommend Philip Glass. For moderate pace, use something from Glassworks:

For driving fast, there is NOTHING like The Photographer

– DanielMacKay 2010-05-17 11:35 UTC

I actually had a mix of different styles of Music for different parts of the game:

For next wednesday’s game, I’m still trying to find the right music, but I have some ideas. For the high king of Axaze I think brass heavy classical music may be good, with a dash of John Zorn for when the shit hits the fan. And then there are some other groups that deserve their own sound scape (without spoiling too much). Btw, I do this less for the game and more for me to have aural cues as to what kind of mood I want to convey. I hope it works.

Harald Wagener 2010-05-17 13:09 UTC

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