Comments on 2010-07-24 Ubuntu to Xubuntu

  1. try to get htop, which is top in comfortable (you don’t have to find out the HUD anymore to do stuff with the programs, I mostly use it to terminate frozen programs)
  2. uninstalling ubuntu-desktop should actually not do anything, as far as I know that’s just a package with all the right dependencies to install the whole gnome package
  3. you might want to get an alternative for nautilus, any of the other file managers. or better: you should change the settng from nautilus to the other one. right now your system still thinks nautilus is the goto file manager. might have something to do with your wallpaper settings. on the other hand i normally use nautilus even in xfce because it’s just more comfortable

Thanks. Must take a look at htop.

Uninstalling ubuntu-desktop does nothing, you are right. But the subsequent apt-get autoremove removes all dependencies no longer required. Which are most of the packages required by ubuntu-desktop.

That apparently got rid of nautilus. Right now I’m using thunar. I guess I’ll return once I realize what features I’m actually missing. All I noticed up to now was that gvfs support was missing. I had to create a folder for every remote host I’m interested in and add appropriate “folder actions” to mount it.

AlexSchroeder 2010-07-28 08:48 UTC

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