Comments on 2010-12-16 Schools of Magic

I think this is a pretty awesome idea. And I don’t even like Vancian spellcasting :P

It also makes tomes with unique spells awesome treasure, both for magic-users and elves, but also for the NPCs of the setting. I remember various articles, from Dragon magazine as well as WotC’s site, that talked about unique spellbooks, the wards that guarded them (opening a spellbook could be an adventure unto itself), and the spells contained within.

Adrian 2010-12-16 22:43 UTC

There’s more discussion of the limitation imposed on magic users here: Screwing Magic Users. I think that the intent is that you either spend money researching your own spells, or you are taught spells by other magic users. I think there is no copying of spells from scrolls and magic books.

I do like the idea of well guarded spell books, however. They must still be protected from thieves, I guess. And having a spell book containing the spell might cut down research time and cost significantly. Maybe halving it? I need to look at the research rules.

AlexSchroeder 2010-12-16 23:10 UTC

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