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Your observation about the web becoming more like tv in terms of advertising is spot on. There have been several stories [1] [2] about the ever growing importance of online and social media to advertisers. Just a heads up, you may want to disconnect your phone next. I don’t know if you have a smartphone or no, but as phones have become more interactive and web accessible, guess where the advertisers are looking next?

The picture of your book collection brings back memories. I too had a bookcase and a half of rpg stuff until I sold most of it Ebay a few years ago. It was way more than I could use or possibly need. Now, everytime I hear about something from Frog God, Paizo, Legendary, or one of the other companies whose stuff I like, I have to rein myself in and not

One closing item, Tsar is starting back up again. ST9 should be releasing either the end of this month or early July. If you continue looking in the Necro thread you pointed folks to, later on, Greg Vaughan comments about finishing what was started. FGG is aware that there is a lot of ill will out there due to some subscription projects from other companies that were not finished, and they are trying to insure that ST is finished by the end of the year. In ST’s case, it was the marketing driven need to get a big product (ToH Complete) out at GenCon that caused the delay.

TheBax 2011-06-16 14:21 UTC

Thank you for those links. Regarding smartphones: I own an Apple iPhone and definitely see the business model of selling an application, and offering the same application for free, with ads. Should it be possible to measure the pain of advertising in dollars by comparing the ratio of free+ads to paid users? There are probably other considerations (reduced functionality, loyalty to developers), but generally speaking it seems to me that this should work: if 1% of the free+ads app buy the real app for $1, then the pain is worth one cent?

I definitely look forward to seeing the huge Slumbering Tsar hardcover. I wonder whether Frog God Games will continue making this sort of book? In a way it is similar to Ptolus: a big book, a big price, the entire pre-ordering process basically makes it a custom book for a small circle of enthusiastic customers.

AlexSchroeder 2011-06-16 16:48 UTC

The short term answer to your question for 2011 and early 12 is yes. Check out the Northlands Saga and Splinters of Faith if you haven’t already. I am really looking forward to how the Northlands Saga develops. Vikings, a bit of Cthulhu, and a touch of the 13th Warrior would seem to be excellent ingredients for a strong series of adventures. Long term though, I have my doubts. It seems unlikely that Vaughan or anyone else will be writing any more 500,000 word mega-adventures anytime soon. Given the relatively small base of buyers (dm’s that like PFRPG or are willing to do the heavy lifting of conversion), the costs and financial risks seem too great. Then again, Bill is supposed to be announcing Black Monastery at GenCon or sometime after, so while it probably won’t be ST in length, I’m looking forward to another big, deadly, oldschool FGG adventure.

By the way, how is ST9? I know subscribers already have it, I’m waiting for Bill to put the pdf up on the website for sale.

TheBax 2011-07-20 20:22 UTC

I have been filing the PDFs away for later use. I don’t think I can read adventures in PDF form. And I also prefer reading stuff if and only if I’m actually going to run it.

AlexSchroeder 2011-07-21 19:26 UTC

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