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Ze Bulette writes:

What seems kind of crazy to me is that anyone looking to play in an early edition game is going to have a hard enough time, let alone use these badges for aid in trying to weed out the games they think they won’t like. On that level, badges are bad like labels - labels are for jars man! [...] If they’re not intended for use in finding a game, but just in defining your blog and interest, then is the potential divisiveness worth it? – On Badges

I think that not all people react the same to labeling or categorization. Those who appreciate it perhaps also like to think in categories (like I do) and they also like to hear about player types, GM types, and maybe even a bit of role-playing game theory (me, not so much). They like to use the labels as shorthands and feel that their ability to express themselves has grown because of their more expressive vocabulary.

Others, however, dislike the compartmentalization, particularly of humans and human activities because they realize that all the big issues of life are hard to pinhole. They are fractal in their aspects. The closer you look, the more variations, exceptions and volatility you find.

Here’s an ironic aspect of the entire thing: At one point I took a personality test online and was impressed. I pointed other people to it and some disliked the idea very much. I was confused. Then I read on the site that certain personality types were underrepresented in the online statistics because these personality types disliked taking the test – I’m guessing because they disliked judging, labeling or categorizing people. I laughed. Too bad I can’t find the link anymore.


Back to the badges! Notice how Stuart provides a Tactics badge but no Strategy badge. Here is how I use the two words: tactics is how to fight and strategy is when to fight. I don’t like tactics. We had plenty of tactical combat when I ran D&D 3.5 but I realized that I did not like it. I do like strategy, though. Can we risk another fight? Can we get around this fight? Can we bluff our way through? Can we strike a deal or form an alliance? Those are the kind of questions I am very much interested in. I wonder whether there are people that don’t play this way. Is there a point in having a strategy icon? Is it possible to have a strategy icon that will not be confused for tactics?


Oh, and you can buy physical badges, too. :)

AlexSchroeder 2011-08-23 09:44 UTC

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