Comments on 2011-12-16 SOPA and NDAA

Clinton (8 years):

  1. Somalia
  2. Iraq
  3. Yugoslavia/Bosnia/Serbia
  4. Haiti
  5. Albania
  6. Sudan
  7. Afghanistan
  8. Iraq
  9. DMCA
  10. Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act
  11. Colombia

Bush Junior (8 years):

  1. Afghanistan
  2. USAPA
  3. Guantanamo
  4. Philippines
  5. Iraq
  6. Yemen
  7. Haiti
  8. Somalia
  9. Syria

Obama (4 years):

  1. Camp Guantanamo
  2. Iraq for 3 years
  3. Afghanistan
  4. UN diplomatic spying
  5. Pakistan
  6. Assassination of Bin Laden
  7. Yemen
  8. Stuxnet
  9. Libya
  10. SOPA

The USA is usually worse under a Democratic Party executive. I believe this is because there is fewer opposition by citizens.

AaronHawley 2011-12-19 02:14 UTC


AlexSchroeder 2011-12-20 07:46 UTC

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