Comments on 2012-09-01 SVG Character Sheet

Do they attributes have different bonus tables? If not, why is the bonus for „Geschick“ only +1 and the bonus for „Weisheit“ +2?

Stefan 2012-09-03 06:11 UTC

A bug that I had introduced while reshuffeling the code. Any value of 15+ resulted in a bonus of +1. :)

AlexSchroeder 2012-09-03 08:16 UTC

The default character sheet now supports a parameter named “portrait” with the value being the URL of an image to use. Example.

Too bad this doesn’t work when displaying SVG files using an image tag as part of an XHTML document. Example.

The reason is that the img tag will only load the URL provided. It will not follow further URLs (such as the font or the embedded image). I could use data URLs and waste a lot of bandwidth, or I could use a different tag (frame or object). When I tried using other tags, however, there’s a different kind of problem: clicking on the link resulted in the script being run in special frame, still inside the original page. That’s very confusing for users.

Embedding the entire SVG document “works” – the validators choke on it, however. The declaration that all style elements will be using CSS is missing, the namespace declarations on the svg tag are not allowed, and so on. It looks ok in my browser, however. :)

AlexSchroeder 2012-12-11

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